Types of Panel & Comparisons
There are three types of panels to consider, polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin film. They all have slightly different characteristics and perform better in different scenarios. If space is no issue then the thin film are the ideal choice, they perform better in low light conditions (cloud cover or towards the beginning or end of the day), this results in more kWhs and higher payments through FITs and increased savings. They are also more tolerant to higher temperatures which aids production in the summer months. Poly and Mono require less space resulting in more kWp if the roof space is restricted.
The price per watt does not vary hugely between in the middle range of each type of panel, i.e. 10kW of poly, mono or thin film will cost a similar amount. Albeit, the high end mono panels, which offer the most wattage in the smallest area do carry a premium; usually only worth paying in the space is limited and the main driving factor is to install as much capacity as possible. A bigger price range can be found between different manufacturers, depending on their size, origin and brand power.
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