stock-photo-62098546-businessman-balancing-coins-on-wooden-seesawPurchase or Funded?

Funding Options for Solar Installations;
Capital Investment – Purchase via reinvesting profits or raising finance. Benefit from payments and savings on utility bill.
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Lease roof space with zero capital outlay. Benefit from savings on utility bill.

Comparison Table

Regensys conduct free no obligation assessments to establish the suitability of the property. The preliminary investigation will include generate a site specific report including financial analysis. We will assess your building and the energy requirements through a detailed survey and analysis of the current utility usage, we then cross-reference the data with your objectives to ascertain the best solution to meet your goals. Whether you need to meet a target reduction in CO2 to meet regulations, or have capital to reinvest within the business, or simply want to become less reliant on the grid – we will propose the most suitable options based on our assessments. If you would like to discuss your requirements please give us a call or arrange an initial meeting and/or survey via our contact form.