kwhMonitoring & Metering

Monitoring is a crucial tool in identifying an underperforming array, especially when losing a panel due to failure is often not noticeable through a visual inspection. There are various degrees of monitoring avail-able and most inverter manufacturers provide an overview of the system via online connectivity. In addition some manufacturers allow detailed monitoring with additional hardware and/or software, either by groups of panels (installed on a string), or all the way to individual panel monitoring.
Via the monitoring systems we can provide monthly checks for issues comparing generation to local weather data, over time we can then compare against historical generation data to ensure it is performing at the same high level. When monitoring performance we utilise tolerance levels to alert us to any irregularities, obviously the output can be affected by weather anomalies but as we collate more generation data we can decrease the tolerance levels and identify any issues even earlier. Upon tolerance levels being breached we will automatically inform you and often diagnose the problem remotely, saving unnecessary call out fees and decreasing downtime; with the FIT payments only being made for the generated power it is essentially to ensure you are getting all of the power available from the system.
As part of our monitoring packages we can also undertake meter readings and even submit these on your behalf to your chosen FIT provider.

Electrical System
To enable monitoring there are various interfaces required, this is usually both hardware and software. With our extensive experience within these areas we are well positioned to offer advice and maintenance to the communications and IT involved within the PV system.