gridGrid Applications

Regensys specialise in electrical utility grid connections, whether it be for renewable energy generation such as heat pumps, PV and anaerobic digestion; or traditional connections for new buildings and equipment such as grain dryers.

Any large electrical load can require new connections or upgrades to existing supplies; this consists of work undertaken by the District Network Operator (DNO) which is mostly ‘non-contestable’ and private work that can be tendered defined as ‘contestable’.

Obtaining the grid connection is a time consuming and challenging part of any project. Without a detailed understanding infrastructure projects can be delayed or even cancelled before a formal quotation is received. Similarly, being able to determine what can be contested may allow the connection to remain within the allocated budget.

Save up to 60% against initial budget quotations

Regensys will manage the entire process and also present an option to provide the full installation connecting power to your project. Once the power requirements are established a study of the local infrastructure is conducted and liaison with the local DNO is commenced; combining the DNO’s budget price and estimates obtained for the private work, an installation figure encompassing the complete installation is provided. At this point any scope to reduce the project costs is indicated and it is not uncommon to save up to 60% against initial budget quotations.

Experience allows Regensys to interrogate the response from the DNO, confidently challenging their proposal and simplify areas through design alterations. Utilising a unique approach developed for DNO connections – combining new connections with private distribution methods – costs can be reduced while ensuring improved delivery timescales. Solutions have also been developed to adopt abandoned network infrastructure and incorporate these into the private distribution network. Combining these proven methods an with understanding of their internal processes, clients are assured of receiving the best value.

Regensys has vast experience working internationally to design district networks, there is a deep understand of all various permutations which ensure the ‘least cost’ option is achieved. The ‘least cost’ option is important as it ensures the DNO is obligated to provide the most economical solution; they are required to adhere to this based on Ofgem guidance. Their proposals are contested where appropriate, at which point they have to prove their option is the cheapest. This results in better engineered solutions saving more money – this is relevant to both the contestable and non-contestable parts of the work.

Ensuring due diligence Regensys will review all proposals to come up with the most appropriate solution for the application at the best possible price. While making recommendations they ensure the best long-term solution, allowing for planned future capacity or potential and currently unknown expansion.