Solar PV

Project: Bristol Airport

Location: Approximate 8 miles south west of the city centre.
System Size: 42 kWp
Predicted Annual Generation: 35,028 kWh
Predicted Annual CO2 Reduction: 16,190 kg
Return on Investment: 22.11 %
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Bristol Airport already operate with sustainability in mind and with the new airport lounge being constructed they were asked to include PV as part of Building Regulations Part L requirements. Regensys were appointed by the main contractor to design and deliver a system capable of meeting the target of 10% renewable energy generation on site.
Future: Regensys will maintain the PV array for the foreseeable future, with cleaning scheduled twice a year and a maintenance programme to ensure all electrical components are regularly checked at appropriate intervals. We also have access to live data and alerts should there be any issues.


Project: Oakham Treasures – Agricultural Museum

Location: Portbury, West of Bristol.
System Size: 71 kWp
Predicted Annual Generation: 52,200 kWh
Predicted Annual CO2 Reduction: 24,126 kg
Return on Investment: 14.15 %
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Oakham Treasures is one of the largest privately owned museums of retail and farming history in the UK. Opened to the public for the very first time in July 2008, it has already become an award winning major attraction, and guarantees to give you an amazing and uplifting trip down memory lane. Owner Keith Sherrell obtained planning permission to extend the museum with a new building, but to obtain planning he had to provide 15% of his energy from a renewable source. Taking into account the orientation and angle of the roof Regensys advised an installation of 8 kWp. However, Keith was all too aware of increasing utility bills within the existing building due to the background heating system being power by electricity. Following a detailed consultation with Regensys the decision was made to install the 71kWp system. The system now provides a substantial amount of electricity to the site, reducing the bills and contributing to-wards a sustainable future.
Future: With a fantastic working relationship being built over the project, we continue to work with Keith and provide an O&M programme for his PV installation.


Project: Farm, Llanfyrnach

Location: Pembrokeshire.
System Size: 38 kWp
Predicted Annual Generation: 33,418 kWh
Predicted Annual CO2 Reduction: 15,445 kg
Return on Investment: 13.91 %
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: This was a project where the original installer had gone into administration having only completed a very small proportion of the project. Regensys was given the contract after due diligence was carried out to ensure the work would be completed.

Project: Farm, Tetbury
Location: Gloucestershire.
System Size: 49 kWp
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Regensys was subcontracted to for the electrical and performance design, we also installed all of the AC/DC. The ground works and erection of frame-work was undertaken by others. Regensys also undertook utility design including the existing distribution.


Project: Large Retail Outlet

Location: Wymondom, Norfolk
System Size: 50 kWp
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Regensys were subcontracted to install the 50kWp system in line with a predetermined design. Prior to accepting the contract the design was interrogated to confirm competence and ensure we were happy to have our company name associated with the installation.


Project: Swindon College

Location: Swindon
System Size: 6 kWp
Predicted Annual Generation: 5,478 kWh
Predicted Annual CO2 Reduction: 2,532 kg
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Swindon College received planning permission to build a new Construction Centre of over 1,000 square meters. As part of the approval they had a planning condition and building regulation compliance requirement to install renewable energy. Regensys was appointed by M&E contractor to install the system.


Project: Farm, Brent Knoll (OFF GRID)

Building Services Maintenance





Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Solar PV

Project: Ground Mount PV


Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon
System Size: 50kWp
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Regensys was contacted regarding an existing installation with lower than expected production. Originally installed in 2010, the installer was no longer trading and therefore could not assist with the warranty issues. The owner first noticed the issue via online monitoring linked to the inverters, which showed low output and an error code. Regensys undertook a complete assessment of the array, which was poorly installed with insufficient space between panels. The results of the assessment were stark, 78 panels had failed! They suffered from water ingress and hotspots/flashing. Unfortunately, the original installer had chosen a very cheap Chinese brand; they had no UK presence and would not honour their warranty. Before replacing the panels – paid for by the client – we assessed the benefit of increasing the space between the panels and concluded the cost would be offset by the additional generation.
Future: We now regularly monitor and maintain the array to ensure peak performance.

Project: Roof Mounted PV
ima11 BowldownPerpormance
System Size: 17kWp
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Regensys was originally asked to install an automated metering reading (AMR) solution for a portfolio of clients by the system installer. The objective was to provide collective meter reading services to clients through standard AMR meters where clients will have access to their meter reading via a simple centralised web-portal. Our AMR service provide a host of added benefits, the most prevalent of these being the capability to compare actual generation performance data with the PVGIS database with an aim to measure individual system performance giving early stage system diagnosis.
Our AMR system soon alerted us to suspicions under-performance issues with this installation running at 47% capacity degrading to around 42% in some cases. This identified some serious issues with the installation and we were asked to conduct a full investigation of the array and electrical installation. We found multiple issues across the array with water ingress and hotspots/flashing being the most prevalent. The panels were still under warranty and from an active supplier in the UK.
Future: We continue to monitor the array via the smart meter and recommended a total system re-build to ensure optimum performance of the installation. Within our monitoring package we set alerts which are triggered by performance tolerances; if the array performance dips below the predicted output based on weather data and past performance, we will automatically inform the client and either diagnose remotely or send an engineer to investigate.

Project: Ground Mount PV

Location: Gloucestershire
System Size: 120 kWp
Summary Overview/Goals & Objectives/Result: Metering and monitoring of the array has demonstrated general performance exceeding expectations by between 5-10%.
Future: A review was carried out to extend the system capacity, subject to planning to bring the system more in line with the site demand and full export capacity. We have recommended to install an extended array in the same field and re-arranging the system architecture to make optimum use of the export capacity in peak summer months as well as connecting another main property not currently taking energy from this supply into the new distribution system. Interestingly, there is a limit imposed by the District Network Operator to not exceed 130kW peak back into the grid. Our proposal is to install an additional 50kWp array and ‘clip’ the maximum output by restricting the inverter design architecture such as to use the full export limit on peak generation days. This then allows the client to benefit from a much greater yield throughout the majority of the year while only sacrificing a small peak output on a few days of the year, at which point they will still be generating optimum capacity.